Art Supplies & Instructions

If you need to pick up some paint brushes and other art supplies in order to get started on your wall murals project, a nearby hobby store should have everything you need.

However, if you don’t want to drag the kids out or you are afraid that you will purchase twenty other things that aren’t on your list, I have started a list of online art retailers that you may want to check out.

Dick Blick Art Materials - This art store has been around since 1911, long before the internet! They have a huge selection of art supplies, and generally, their prices are pretty good too!

Rex Art - Like Dick Blick, Rex Art has an amazing selection. I literally could spend hours on their site! Their website is well-organized, and prices are not bad either.

Also, if you are looking for art tutorials or instructions, I'm working on putting together a list. In the meantime, feel free to suggest a website!

Show & Tell

Upload photos of your murals or check out the submissions from other visitors to our site in the Show & Tell section of this website.

The pictures above are just a small sample of the inspiration that awaits in our visitor submission gallery!