Rub On Wall Transfers

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Rub on wall transfers are great! Picture this…

“Hey honey, while you were out this afternoon, I worked on that palm tree wall mural I told you I wanted to put in our bedroom. Come check it out.”

He hesitates, but follows you reluctantly into the bedroom. His mouth drops…

“Oh, wow! Did you paint this? It’s fantastic! How did you do all this while I was gone?”

Let him stare at you in awe for a little while longer. Besides, he really doesn’t have to know that you didn’t paint that palm tree. We can keep it our little secret that you used rub on wall murals!

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What Are Rub On Wall Murals?

Tatouage - Field of Flowers

Tatouage Designs defines Tatouage as: "…a high resolution dry rub transfer that can be applied to just about any hard surface. There is no paint, no glue, no water, no fumes and no mess! You simply decide where you want to apply the Tatouage, cut out the design, remove the protective backing, place the transfer down color side up, rub the design with the applicator stick, and peel the transfer back slowly.”

Sounds easy, huh? Guess what – it is! With Tatouage, you can create a wall mural that appears hand painted in just a matter of minutes!

But wait, that's not all! Keep reading to learn about other rub on wall transfers that are available...

Beyond Tatouage - Other Rub On Wall Transfers

Tatouage is not the only type of rub on wall transfer.

Blue Mountain Wallcoverings, the largest manufacturer and distributor of residential wallcoverings in North America, has its own version of dry rub wall transfers – Imperial Instant Stencils. Instant Stencils are very similar to Tatouage. And, if you are looking for licensed Disney designs – Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and more – well, they have them!

If you like Tatouage, you may also like the mural transfers by Wall Dressed Up. Wall Dressed Up offers several rub on wall transfers, including trompe l'oeil designs, architectural elements, faux finishes, border elements, and children's murals. The designs really do look handpainted, so make sure you take a look - you just may find something you like!

Another new contender (and very trendy, I may add!), are rub on word murals. In the past, it would literally take hours and hours if you wanted to paint a favorite phrase or word above your doorway or in another part of your house – whether you tried to draw the phrase freehand or using stencils.

Of course, there had to be a better way! Now, there are a couple manufacturers that make custom phrases and words as dry rub wall transfers. Check out Wall Words for an example.

How to Apply & Remove Rub On Wall Transfers

Instant Stencils - Applicator

When it comes to applying rub on wall transfers, the first rule of thumb is to make sure you understand and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and specific directions for application. From types of safe wall surfaces for application to the best way to seal your new rub on murals, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Generally speaking, hang the transfer sheet painted side facing the wall and rub with the manufacturer’s recommended application tool. Rub, rub, rub – because you want the entire design, not just bits and pieces of it, to transfer to the wall.

What about textured walls? Believe it or not, rub on wall transfers can be used on textured walls! You know how I said “rub, rub, rub” – well, you will need to rub some more to make sure the design fills in all the nooks and crannies.

And if you are left with some cracks and imperfections, don’t sweat it - it adds to the natural, hand-painted look.

In order to remove rub on wall transfers, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, most rub on wall transfers are removed the same way you would remove a hand painted mural – paint over it! First, cover it with a good primer, then apply a fresh coat or two of paint.

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