Decorative Painting Techniques

Take your wall murals to the next level by incorporating decorative painting techniques. 

Used as a background for wall murals or incorporated into the actual design, decorative wall painting is a great way to enhance any mural project.

When undertaking wall murals, most people just paint one wall or a portion of the wall.  By using decorative painting techniques on the background and other walls in the room, it is easy to incorporate the mural into the room design.

From colorwashing to crackle painting to sponge painting and more, the possibilities really are endless. Keep reading to find out more...

A-Z Guide to Decorative Painting


Crackle Painting
Sponge Painting
Sponge Painting


Want to transform your modern living room into a Tuscan retreat with Italian wall murals?  Add warmth and pattern to the walls first by colorwashing the walls. 

Learn how to colorwash walls here...


If you thought crackle paint was just for furniture, you were wrong! Crackle paint can be a great asset to any wall (as well as wall murals). Use this decorative painting technique to add texture to painted trees or to give a time-worn look to a modern room. The possibilities really are endless.

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When most people think of decorative painting techniques, sponge painting often comes to mind. It can be used on an entire wall, as well as on individual elements of a wall mural, such as adding texture to painted bricks or rocks.

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Decorative wall stamps come in thousands of designs - and if you can't find a design you want, I have included simple instructions to make your own! When used with wall murals, the wall stamping technique can really save a lot of time.

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Take circus murals, for example.  Where does the circus occur?  That’s right – in tents!  Are you picturing a tent with big red and white stripes?  In addition to painting clowns, elephants and trapeze artists, go one step further and paint wall stripes to transform the entire room into a circus tent. 

Keep reading to learn how to paint stripes on walls...

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