How to Paint Clouds

The Perfect Companion to Wall Murals

Would you like to know how to paint clouds?

Clouds make the perfect backdrop for all types of wall murals – jungle murals, garden murals, beach murals, and more!

Paint clouds on the walls, paint them on the ceiling, or paint them on both – they are the perfect way to bring the outdoors in!

If painting is not your thing, you're also in luck! There are several different options in wallcoverings, including cloud wallpaper cutouts and stickers that can be applied just about anywhere...

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Let’s Get Started Painting Your Own!

What’s the perfect background for white, fluffy clouds? Blue, of course! What’s the first step then? That’s right – pick out the perfect sky blue color of paint for your décor and basecoat your walls with it. When selecting the background paint, do not choose high gloss paint. Instead, use eggshell or satin finish paint for best results.

While you have the blue paint pulled out, it is also a good idea to paint a large piece of ply board or wallboard the same color. You can then practice your cloud painting technique on this board first. After all, practice makes perfect!

You will want the background paint to be completely dry prior to painting clouds, so let it dry 24 hours or so before moving on to the next step.

The Shopping List

Before I tell you how to paint clouds, you will need to pick up a few supplies:

  • one gallon faux glaze
  • one quart white semi-gloss paint
  • sea sponge
  • paint brush
  • clean rags
  • cheesecloth
  • plastic container
  • stick to stir glaze mixture

Four parts glaze will be mixed with one part paint. To avoid measuring, purchase the sizes of glaze and paint above (4 quarts = 1 gallon). However, if you do not think you will need those sizes, you can use a glass measuring cup to measure out what you need. For example, 1 cup of glaze mixed with ¼ cup of paint.

And Now - How to Paint Clouds

That brings us to the last part (the good part!) - how to paint clouds...


In the plastic container, mix one part paint (1 quart) to four parts glaze (1 gallon). Stir glaze mixture until thoroughly blended. The mixture will have a tendency to separate, so make sure you stir it occasionally during application.


Dampen the sea sponge by wetting it under the tap and wringing it out thoroughly. You may also want to dampen a piece of cheesecloth for use later.

Lightly coat the sea sponge with the glaze mixture using the paintbrush. Use a clean dry rag to blot off any excess glaze mixture from the sea sponge.


Using the sea sponge, gently blot the glaze color onto the surface. For vertical walls, it is a good idea to first blot the glaze mixture in a horizontal line to form the bottom of the cloud, then build the cloud from this base, twisting and turning the sponge as you work.

Remember, clouds are light and airy. If needed, use the cheesecloth to further blot the paint to soften the cloud. Add even more texture by then dabbing on a little more glaze mixture with the sea sponge.


Continue painting additional clouds using the method described in Step Three, applying additional glaze mixture to the sponge as needed.

Apply the clouds in a random pattern and vary their sizes. It may help to paint the large clouds first, and then fill in with smaller clouds and wisps.

It is also a good idea to have a few pictures of real clouds on hand to look at as you work. See the pictures above for a couple of examples.


That’s it - that's how to paint clouds! Oh, there is one more thing. Clean up - sorry, you are on your own with that part (heh heh)...

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