Viking School Mascot Mural

A viking is the school mascot. I'm working with 7th graders and I've never created a mural before. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Reply from Dawn at Wall Murals 1-2-3 - It sounds like you have a design in mind, and school mascots are a great project! It also sounds like you have a few helpers enlisted already :-)

Since this is your first mural, you may want to call around to some other art teachers, and see if you can get a couple of names for muralists in your community that may want to help out free. With the right artist, this has the potential to be a great learning experience for your seventh graders. A good artist will be able to teach the kids about mixing colors, shading, the color wheel, etc.

Of course, you and the kids could certainly take on this type of project without the help of a muralist. I would recommend that you use a projector to create your mascot mural - of if you're more ambitious, a drawing grid. In addition to the mural, you could also add a little "bling", for example, with the school name in block letters, a Viking ship in the background, or stars and other shapes.

Because you do have so many helpers, and I am sure you would like each to be able to contribute to the project, another element that you could incorporate into the mascot mural project is the runic alphabet. Check out Wikipedia for more information...

I hope this helps. We would love to hear ideas from others. Make sure you post a reply, especially if "you've been there and done that".

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Oct 20, 2015
repairing NEW

Of course, it would be not bad to teach the child about color and their shadings. But inviting the muralist is not the last thing while repairing!

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