Wallies Murals

Inexpensive, Easy to Install, and Fun!

Wallies murals are pre-pasted, vinyl coated, strippable wallpaper cutouts that are easy to apply and remove. With a MSRP of less than $20.00 and approximately 50 different styles, these wall murals are a great choice for homeowners as well as apartment renters.

Wallies’ manufacturer, The McCall Pattern Company (that’s right, the sewing pattern people), also produce smaller cutouts which coordinate with the murals and can help pull the theme of your room together.

Wallies Murals

Available Styles

Wallies Murals come in several different styles, including the following:

• Window Murals – Stained Glass, Tropical, Cabin, Tuscan & More
• Animal Murals – Horses, Dogs, Roosters, Frogs, Dolphins & More
• Children’s Murals – Planets, Flowers, Noah’s Ark, Sports & More
• Other – Palm Trees, Botanical Prints, Picket Fence & More

Another great benefit – the artwork for several Wallies murals are by well-known designers and artists, including Warren Kimble, Susan Winget, Jenny & Jeff Designs, and Olive Kids (to name just a few!)

How to Hang Wallies Murals

Many of the murals come with both large and small cutouts. Each package also comes with removable sticky dots which allow you to temporarily arrange the mural elements before applying.

To apply, first fill a rubber tub, wallpaper water tray, or kitchen sink with lukewarm water. Working with one piece at a time from your wall mural arrangement, remove the sticky dots used to temporarily place the mural and loosely roll the mural piece pattern side out and submerge in water for 20 seconds, making sure you wet the entire surface. Remove the mural piece from the water and tip it to drain off any excess water.

Apply the wet mural piece directly to the wall surface, then use a clean damp sponge to gently smooth onto the wall. If any air bubbles appear, prick with a pin to let the air escape and gently pat down again. Continue with this process until all elements of your wall mural are hung.

How to Remove Wallies Murals

These wallpaper accent murals are strippable. To remove, thoroughly wet the mural and peel off. Any residue left on the wall can be removed with a damp cloth – the glue is water soluble. Wallies murals are not reusable.

Where to Purchase

Wallies wallpaper murals can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at its website www.wallies.com.

The murals are also available at several online stores.

If you do not want to purchase online, you may want to call your local craft or hobby store to inquire if they sell Wallies murals.

Show & Tell

Upload photos of your murals or check out the submissions from other visitors to our site in the Show & Tell section of this website.

The pictures above are just a small sample of the inspiration that awaits in our visitor submission gallery!