Train Clipart for Wall Murals

"Your train clipart was just what I was looking for...

I can't wait to get started on my son's room!"

Using a simple art projector, you can enlarge and transfer images (such as the following clip art below) to walls when painting murals. These types of images, when enlarged, are also great for creating large magnets for an interactive kids' mural.

For more ideas and information, see our page about train murals.

Train Engine

This train engine is super simple to paint without sacrificing any details, down to the puffs of smoke coming out of its smokestack :-)

Tanker Car

Tanker cars are common on trains, although they are not usually this graffiti-free! Notice the little ladder going to the top...

Log Carrier

I think you will agree - this log carrier is absolutely charming!

Freight Car

Again, simple geometric designs make this easy to paint. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of freight this car is carrying?

Train Murals - Freight Car


Last but not train is complete without a little
red caboose on the end!

Trains really are not that difficult to draw or paint. This collection of train clipart proves that if you can draw simple geometric shapes - circles, squares, rectangles - you are ready to create your own train murals!

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