Train Murals for Any Age

All Aboard for Painting Fun!

Rail enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy train murals. 

That’s right, from 2-year old fans of Thomas the Tank Engine to 82-year old railroad model hobbyists and everyone in between, there is something to please any aspiring train conductor.

There is a large selection of products available, from paint by number murals to wallpaper murals to wall stickers and more!

You can also paint your own using clipart, coloring book pages, art from greeting cards and even scrapbook supplies.

Following are some great do-it-yourself ideas to get you started…

Shop for Great Deals on Train Murals...

One of my favorite places to shop for train murals is eBay. Not only are the prices right, but the selection is great too! Below you will find "auctions" that are occurring right now. Also, if you are like me and don't enjoy the bidding process, you will be glad to know many of these use "buy it now"...

Interactive Kids' Murals

When it comes to kids, it’s always fun to incorporate interactive elements.  After all, why should all then fun be limited to only horizontal surfaces?

Chalkboard Paint Idea: Using the projector method for painting wall murals, you can take simple train clipart (such as the one above) and enlarge and transfer it to any wall in your home.

Instead of painting in the windows, fill in with chalkboard paint or trim chalkboard Wallies to size.  When the mural is finished, provide your little conductor with chalk and let his or her imagination take over.  Before you know it, the chalkboard windows will be full of images of happy passengers.

Magnetic Paint Idea: Another idea involves using magnetic paint and printable magnetic sheets.  First, paint the wall in the magnetic paint colors of your choice.  Select clipart and related images (click here for train clipart samples), use your favorite photo-editing software to enlarge, and then print on printable magnetic sheets.  Cut out the images and your work is done.  Let your little artist take over and arrange the magnetic train pieces on the wall. 

As you find clipart that you like, this mural can be added to over time. Add trees, flowers, animals, and other outdoor scenery to "grow" this wallscape.

Products for Train Murals

For pint-sized conductors, there are some really cool products...

If you want to try painting, check out the paint-by-number murals available from different online manufacturers. Elephants on the Wall has an adorable circus train, complete with clowns, lions, elephants (and more!) that would be great in a baby nursery or toddler room. WallNutz also has a cute and easy to paint train mural.

If you are looking for train murals suitable for a more mature audience, wallpaper murals are the way to go. Retailers such as Murals Your Way have beautiful murals than can even be customized with pictures, words, numbers and more.

This page would not be finished without mentioning everyone's favorite little choo-choo, Thomas the Tank Engine. If you have a Thomas fan in your family, you are also in luck! There are several products you can use, including wall stickers and various-sized prepasted wallpaper murals. If you want to start from scratch, check out the free Thomas the Train coloring pages available from Random House books.

Show & Tell

Upload photos of your murals or check out the submissions from other visitors to our site in the Show & Tell section of this website.

The pictures above are just a small sample of the inspiration that awaits in our visitor submission gallery!